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World of Warcraft Classic tripled subscriptions in August

World of Warcraft Classic tripled subscriptions in August, according to new research from SuperData. The original release of World of Warcraft from 2005 brought old players and new ones back into the realm of Azeroth, with subscriptions growing an estimated 223 percent from July to August. The amount of players is still lower than what they were during last August's Battle for Azeroth expansion, but retail WoW updates tend to pull in lots of players in general.

The success of World of Warcraft Classic has caught those out of the WoW loop off guard. Why is a game that's reverted to a simpler, and arguably more frustrating, mode more successful? Part of it stems from the simplicity and nostalgia fans have for the original build of the game. There wasn't a Raid Finder to help you locate allies or even quest markers to show you where to go. Everything was up to the player to uncover. This made the game feel less like a virtual slog and more like an achievement simulator. There's very little fast travel and ways to skip content, so grinding is the only way. In addition, our site 5mmo.com has a large quantity of safe WOW Vanilla Gold For Sale.

While it looks like WoW Classic is doing all the right things for Blizzard, Superdata reports that the total revenue the game brought in over August still wasn't quite up there with what Blizzard raked in this time last year following the release of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. There's also a good chance that we'll be seeing a pretty sharp drop in subscribers again soon, as the joy of returning to a classic World of Warcraft could be little more than a disposable novelty for many of the returning players. We'll have to wait and see.

Speaking of impressive World of Warcraft Classic-related statistics Pornhub Insights recently uncovered that on August 26, when players were faced with hours-long queues to get into the game, Pornhub searches for Warcraft-related terms rose by an eye-watering 210 percent above the daily average. These numbers have of course since gone back down, but I don't think any of will ever forget to communal World of Warcraft self-love session of August 2019. No matter how hard we might try to.
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