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World Buffs will be disabled as soon as you enter any of the TBC Classic raids

WoW Developer Pazorax has announced, for the Classic Era Realms, the addition of an item that will allow you to keep your World Buffs obtained and use them at a later time. This way players will be able to log out without fear of losing them.

The reason for it is one I find interesting and quite well explained in the forum post by developer Pazorax. If you played WoW back in the day, you’ll remember trying to juggle all the various buffs you could accumulate, like Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer or the two hour Dire Maul buffs for doing a Tribute Run without killing the guards. As Pazorax points out, the way these buffs work, once you’ve managed to get them on your character the ticking clock begins and you may end up wasting precious buff time in transit to or from the raid or dungeon in question, doing maintenance on your gear, or what have you. This leads a lot of players to log off as soon as they get the buffs, for fear of losing them before they get to take them to the raid they got buffed for in the first place.

The way it works is you get your buffs in as time efficient of manners as you’re used to, then once you have all of the buffs you plan to get, you activate your “Chronoboon Displacer” at which point your buffs are removed from your character and are added to the item, turning into a “Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer.” This item allows you to see the buffs that are saved and their durations and at this point your buffs are saved and ready to be used whenever you want. You can feel free to quest, do dungeons, pvp or anything else without having to worry about the buffs, and once raid time comes and you’re ready to pull, you can use the Displacer and, voila! your buffs are on you ready to go.

In fact, when you go to get your world bonuses, you will have the possibility of storing them in this small object. By hovering your mouse over it, it will tell you which bonuses you have, but also their remaining duration. Of course, as long as a bonus is in Temporal Blessing Mover, its duration lasts until you apply it to yourself, logical!

The new Chronoboon Displacer will be obtainable from Chromie, located in Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands (Western Plaguelands), after completing a few quests for her. Pazorax also made it clear that World Buffs will be disabled as soon as you enter any of the TBC Classic raids.

I had thought that Blizzard might have taken the route they did with the Chinese servers. Over there they don’t even play around with them. The buff simply goes out hourly. There’s no pesky waiting for head drops or mind controls. Nope, just log in and get it, end of story. While it seems silly to have it be that easy I still would think it’s a smarter long-term plan for Classic Era where the goal seems to be raiding Vanilla content. If you want to level then why not just do it in TBC? It’s the same quests. If you want fresh then Classic Era is the opposite of that. At least Blizzard has done something to help Classic Era servers from becoming instant ghost lands. We will see if this is enough for the months following the launch of TBC Classic.

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