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Windows 10’s New Start Menu May Lacks Live Tiles

The upcoming Windows 10X operating system features a redesigned Start Menu and static icons rather than live tiles. Now, it seems that Windows 10 might receive a redesign in the same direction. A report from Windows Latest states that Microsoft is planning to replace live tiles within the Start Menu. The move would line Windows 10 up with Windows 10X and allow Microsoft to use its redesigned icons in Windows 10's Start Menu.

Speculation that Microsoft would drop Live Tiles has been around since last year. They continuously pull information in real-time from the likes of Mail, Spotify, and news and weather applications, but the feature hasn’t been updated since Windows Mobile came to an end, and more third-party app makers have dropped support.

After the demise of Windows Mobile, Microsoft has completely stopped updating live tiles experience on Windows 10. While live tiles are supported by third-party apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, none of those live tiles are displaying anything useful.Live tile is on life support and Microsoft hasn’t updated the feature in Windows 10 in a long while. In addition, our site z2u.com has a large quantity of safe Windows 10 Home Product Key For Sale.

If the rumours are believed to be true, Windows 10’s Start menu could be getting a cluster of inert icons representing apps and games in the future. The redesigned Start menu would be similar to Windows 10X’s Start menu, but the UI will be tailored for desktops.

As noted by WinCentral, the Twitter account that posted the image doesn’t reveal details such as Build number, so we don’t know when Live Tiles will be killed off. They’ll still be in the Windows 10 20H1 update that’s scheduled to be pushed out later this year, and the 20H2 update is said to be a minor one, so it’s likely that the feature will be removed in Windows 10’s 2021 (21H1) update.
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