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What is featured in the Temtem Early Access?

Temtem is a Pokémon-inspired monster collecting and battling adventure game, coming to PC in January 2020. Temtem will first launch in Early Access on Steam and Humble stores, debuting around half of the game - featuring a number of areas and of course, a large selection of Temtem to collect.After the initial Temtem release will come more features before the full release sometime in 2021 - many of which have already been teased by the developer - and all are explained on this page.

Temtem will not be debuting in full; it will first launch in an Early Access period. This means the game is still in development - expect any rough edges to be smoothed out over time, and more features to be added and expanded upon as it gets closer to a full release.Temtem's Early Access has 50% of its features available, according to developer Crema, including:

•    Some of the campaign, with "over 20 hours of gameplay"
•    The first three main islands (out of six total)
•    Over 80 Temtem (out of over 161)
•    Basic multiplayer features - full co-op, Player vs Player combat, Trading, and the ability to see other players roaming the world
•    End-game content such as Luma (shinies), breeding, weekly quests and events

Why not launch in full to begin with? Crema says this is something it learnt from its previous game, Immortal Redneck. "It became clear that we should have involved the community early on in development and not have waited for the game's release to start receiving feedback," it said. Buy cheap Temtem Pansun via reputable seller 5mmo.com, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

Temtem manages to stack up against that legacy, at least in terms of aesthetics. Critters and humans are so vibrant and lively in this pastel-colored game that I immediately want to get lost in this world. It reminds me a little bit of what it was like to watch the evocative Overwatch reveal trailer back when the Blizzard shooter was first announced — you didn’t even have to see any gameplay to get interested.
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