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What EA has mainly focus is the presentation of NHL 15

NBA 2K14 lost a few features, but still managed to deliver a game with solid depth and incredible visuals. NHL 15, despite being a year removed from the respective debuts of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, manages to both feel stagnant and deeply regressive at once. Here is the same core gameplay delivered by the last couple of NHL installments, tweaked and futzed with, but not greatly improved. Alongside it, it offers a feature set that is a mere skeleton of what hockey fans have come to expect from these games. It is, by and large, the same hockey game you've been playing for years, with even fewer ways to play it.
Be A Pro slides into the boards headfirst as well. EA removed the rookie showcase that determined your draft position, deleted the minor leagues from the equation altogether, and doesn't even bother to offer a critique or grade of your performance during games. You can't even sim to the next shift, which means you get to sit and stew in the penalty box if you draw a five minute major for fighting. EA says it plans to add some of these missing features, like five-on-five online teamplay (no human controlled goalies), the GM draft, and Be A Pro coach grades in the next few months. Even with their inclusion down the line, NHL 15 still faces an insurmountable deficit.
What’s neat, but somewhat jarring, is the fact that both Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk appear in the game as themselves. They’re not digitized or mo-capped, or anything. Instead, they preview the oncoming action like they would in the real world, albeit with a computer-generated arena backdrop. It’s a cool feature that adds to the experience, and the same is true of the footage that precedes them. What you can expect there are aerial shots of the home team’s arena, and a scripted bit of dialogue about the city itself.

First, the Winter Classic has become such a tremendous part of the game’s presentation since NHL 12. It has been dropped this season following what was arguably the most impressive real world edition of the New Year’s Day game, at least from a visual perspective: the Detroit/Toronto clash at Michigan Stadium. It’s a huge disappointment not to have that setting, or any of the settings from the other Stadium Series games, available for use. Last year, the game featured an NHL’94 anniversary mode that replicated the look and feel of the 20-year-old Sega/SNES game. That’s also gone in NHL 15. The actual gameplay is good, the AI has been tuned up and those special players move, score and look like their counterparts. The lack of specific goal sounds and song just using generic sounds for both is a bit tedious after the first couple of games. The arena’s have been exactly recreated and the crowds in them are amazing and it shows how much effort has been put into it. It does raised the question, why? When modes are out but you can see a hot dog seller again, why? And why no blood? I don’t mean arms falling off etc but after a fight I know you bruise and get black eyes but I want teeth to fall out and spit filled with blood to be on the ice. We need new Stanley cup celebrations, again they have been the same for years!
NHL 15, presentation wise it’s amazing, a huge upgrade from the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 game and rightfully so but, Gameplay wise, NHL 15 is a huge letdown. Electronic Arts had 2 years to develop NHL 15 for next generation consoles, and it seems like they only focused on presentation, stripped the entire game, put in the bare bones of content, including their money maker Hockey Ultimate Team, and released an unfinished product just to make their deadline and maybe a profit. EA and the NHL development team have a huge amount of work to do, there is no other developer currently making an NHL game, they have the entire NHL gaming market monopolized, yet they can’t produce? Shameful EA, Shameful. 
NHL 15 is a huge letdown and comes with a heavy heart that I have to give this game a lowly 4/10, marks are only gained because playing the game once you get the menus sorted is actually somewhat fun, and the graphics are beautiful. Electronic Arts, this is coming from all of your NHL series fans, please make NHL 16 a great hockey game. If NHL 15 was just a hockey simulation, if EA didn’t have the rights to use anything to do with the National Hockey League. You wouldn’t have business. The motto of NHL 15 “EA sports, it’s not in the game”.
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