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Though much loved NHL 15 still got the shortcomings that limits it

With the sole exception of the NHL 15 Ultimate Team changes, every single one of the things on that list is something that's been in a previous hockey game. In fact, a few of them have been in nearly every hockey game over the last couple of console generations. This isn't new content. It's the content you're already supposed to have, stapled back onto NHL 15's emaciated frame post-release. I shouldn't have to tell you why that's not acceptable for a game a publisher intends to charge full retail price for. EA Sports has made a substantial effort to revamp the game's puck physics -- to the point that the team called upon a Hadron Collider physicist, Michele Petteni, to help in their efforts. At first glance, the new the new puck physics are light years ahead of what they were in previous years. Finally, the puck will react almost exactly as it would in a real game, from pinballing around in the goal crease, to deflecting organically off a skate or stick, to behaving naturally when fired into the net. Most importantly, there doesn't seem to be a set of rules governing the way the puck plays and I'm thrilled to see that restriction lifted.
]The overall presentation has also been completely redone this year, giving way to a new commentary duo and color man. EA has integrated real motion pregame video commentary against the NHL 15 in-game visuals; the results are pretty slick and quite seamless. I really like the new crew. It was time to get some new blood and re-do the script. Incidentally there are over 35,000 lines of brand new commentary. The new team is comprised of Mike (Doc) Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and the ever-popular Ray Ferraro. Mike and Eddie have been commentating in the NHL for a number of years, primarily in the east, while Ray Ferraro is a west coast native and has ties to Vancouver local sports talk radio as well. Of the three Ferraro is by far my favourite; he is a smart guy with great hockey knowledge with a healthy dose of arrogance. On the down side, at least for me, is the NBC branding. 

Elsewhere, Be A Pro Mode should change its name to "Be A Pro Sometimes, Be A Fan Other Times." The features are basically the same, as I can still create a player in my image and build him into a star player on a professional hockey team. However, the ability to skip through a game until it's my player's shift has been eliminated, forcing me to watch the entire game from the bench until I take the ice. What's the point of this? If I wanted to watch hockey, I'd wait until the season started and watch a game. I'm supposed to be playing this game, so why am I sitting on the bench? As much as I wanted to love NHL 15, after having a hard time pulling away from its E3 demo, its missing features and the above-mentioned lie put a sour taste in my mouth. Then, once I started playing the thing and was enjoying myself, glitches started to rear their ugly heads. For starters, there was a time where a fight was rendered moot because one of the players kept skating into the net instead of going behind it to where his opponent stood. 
Likewise, Be a GM has been pared down in this iteration. You can still play all of your games for up to 25 seasons and send players to the minor leagues, but you can't play any of the minor league games like you could before. You also can't have players accrue stats there, so it feels like a dumping ground more than an opportunity to improve weaker players without affecting your own pro team. The XP system for the GM is also gone, as is the ability to start with a fantasy draft. You only get to start off with the default rosters for the 2014-2015 season, and that's it. You can also try to scout for players in other leagues, but that ends up being a little pointless since the drafts that happen between seasons are automatic affairs. The drafts, along with their associated three-minute timer, are all scheduled to be patched in soon.
Next, there was an occasion where an online faceoff repeated three times before it kicked myself and the person I was playing against. Those weren’t the worst of it, though. Far from it. Even worse was when I tried to play the first NHL Moments Live scenario as my beloved Maple Leafs, and ended up encountering a glitch that made the players skate at half their normal speed. Even after retrying four times, the quicksand skating persisted. But sports games are such a cottage industry at this point that you can’t just judge them on what they offer at the core. I can’t speak much to what is missing on the Xbox Live side, since I don’t usually play the game online, but there were a few features absent that I found every bit as perplexing.
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