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There are a few helpful tips for The Yard in Madden NFL 21

While Madden NFL 21 is improving on in its standard gameplay, veterans will need to rethink the way they play the game when it comes to The Yard. Defensive ideologies like sprinting directly to the ball may not be wise, and dissecting the defense as a standard pocket QB may not be taking advantage of the unique gameplay features that will result in success on the field and more points. Players will certainly pick up quickly, and the development team has even discussed how it is anticipating seeing things it hadn't even imagined, but The Yard could take a bit to get used to at first.

But, when playing as a QB for example, what kind of star do you want to become in the streets? Do you want to be known for your gunslinging ability like Aaron Rodgers? Or perhaps you want to have great scrambling abilities like Madden 21 cover star Lamar Jackson?

If you're looking to get ahead of the competition, we've got plenty of tips for The Yard to keep you showboating down the sideline and pulling off highlight-reel-ready plays in Madden 21.

Make Your Avatar
In The Yard, in Madden NFL Mobile 21 you can choose the type of position you want to be as well as what kind of player you want to be. Normally, you start out as a quarterback before switching things up if you wish. As you progress, you can upgrade your avatar.

Get Tricky With Your Plays
The best plays in The Yard are not those where a center snaps the ball to the quarterback who then passes to a receiver running a familiar route pattern. That's vanilla playcalling in The Yard. Instead, you should look to get very tricky with how you operate your offense.

    Using LT/L2 + the button designated to each player, you can snap the ball to anyone on the field at the start of a play.
    You can pass it behind the line of scrimmage as many times as you want.
    Beyond the line of scrimmage, you can lateral it behind or to the side of you with LB/L1.

Playing both sides of the ball
Speaking of positions, this is the first difference of The Yard.

You play both sides of the ball, which means when you go into a game and pick a position, you're actually choosing two.
    QB & Safety
    MLB & Center
    WR 1 & CB 1
    WR 2 & CB 2
    HB & OLB

It's worth pointing out that the game is pretty fun no matter what position you pick. If you are playing the CPU then you will pick the plays no matter which option you choose.

Ignore Your True Position
Like Prototypes, every game of The Yard also asks you to choose a pair of positions. As The Yard is played with "Ironman Rules," where all players play both offense and defense, positional selection comes in groups like RB/LB or QB/Safety.

What's most important to recognize with this selection is it merely denotes where you line up at the start of a play.

Players Can Line Up Anywhere
One final and important thing to note about The Yard is that players can line up anywhere on the field, meaning a QB isn't relegated to the QB position. Lamar Jackson may be the cover athlete of Madden NFL 21 and the MVP of the NFL, but his skills throwing the ball as a QB are just one reason for that. His athleticism allows him to be an amazing runner of the football. When picking a team in a 1v1 experience or even 3v3 online, there is the likelihood that players of varied positions will be "out of place," from what fans would expect, but this can be used strategically as an advantage.

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