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The sound design and music for the Monster Hunter Rise is really good

I could talk for hours about how great and magnificent Monster Hunter Rise is for Nintendo Switch, because not only is it an impressive game, but it is one of the best games you can find in the entire console catalog.

I should talk about this in its own section because it is one of the most interesting things about the game, because despite what you might think, the online is extremely good, talking about the connection, lag and stability

The sound design for the game is really good. The music is great. The graphics are incredible for a Switch game. Even in handheld mode, the game looks fantastic on the limited hardware that the Switch offers. The character creation is okay, with plenty of options for the head, but there’s no way to customize the body if that’s important to you.

The wirebug really puts the rise in Monster Hunter Rise, adding a new Spider-man-like web-slinging to both combat and exploration. With my weapon sheathed I can use the wirebug to reach new heights, or use it to deploy new combat-moves, specific to each weapon – like a well-timed counter guard for Charge Blade and Gunlance that refills my vials and shells.

Apart from it, the expressions and character models are really impressive, as if they were not running on the Switch and were on another more powerful console. It is one of the most beautiful games, but the one that is best seen in the entire console catalog.

As if all the above were not enough, you can decorate your own home and your monster album, all thanks to the fact that you have a camera from the beginning with which you can take the photos you want and, when taking them with this function, you can hang some in your house to decorate. This is especially interesting when you hang out with friends online and everyone is posing for a photo.

Another new feature is the Palamute. These are canyne companions that will join you on your hunt and I love them. Not only can you customize them, but you can equip them with different items to help you in some way and you can ride them for faster travel without using up your stamina. It’s so nice! Speaking of things you can ride, you can ride monsters in this game when you have 2 or more fighting. It’s a blast to hop on a monster’s back and use it to fight other monsters.

All the big (and small) additions in Rise, from wirebug grappling to the new Palamute dog mount, go a long way in improving the classic Monster Hunter formula. Rise is also technical marvel for the Switch, pushing the console into new heights with smooth framerate, fun and varied regions, and lightning-fast load times. Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best games of the year, and a must-have game for the Nintendo Switch.

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