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The jump from last-gen NHL 14 to new-gen NHL 15 is incredible and impressive

The NHL series is kind of the redheaded stepchild in the EA Sports brand. Seldom given much attention outside of Canada, EA’s NHL series has quietly fought the reputation of other EA Sports by being pretty, well, good. For the past several years, the team at EA Canada has done work in their one year turnaround time that eclipses the roster updates produced by EA Tiburon for Madden. However with the jump to a new platform, there are always growing pains to be expected. This time NHL 15 takes several steps forward in terms of gameplay while drastically reducing the features of the game itself.
A brand new feature in NHL 15 is life like arenas. Each arena in NHL 15 has been authenticated to look like the real deal. NHL 15 was one of the features that the previous NHL games were missing and it is a big one. Not just the arenas have been upgraded but so have the fans who have come to life like no other sports game than NHL 15. Cheering from goals and big hits, to booing for bad calls and missed opportunities this game sounds great. In previous installments in NHL 15 you see the same people over and over again, but they generated so many different faces it is very rare to see the same person in the same area of NHL 15. They now hold up signs of the home team or specific players as well as high five when goals are scored or get the crowd pumped. A feature that needs to be added in NHl 15 is chanting when goals are scored and realistic goal horns, this are features that are key if EA wants there game to be as authentic as it can be.
Anticipation was huge for NHL 15 in the months prior to release. With this year’s release being the first on the new generation of consoles (PS4 & Xbox One), fans of NHl 15 were expecting great things in the areas of graphics and gameplay. Fans will not be disappointed with this particular area of the game, as it delivers on this promise. Graphically, NHL 15 looks phenomenal. The environments, crowds and players succeed in blurring the line between video game and reality. The jump from last-gen NHL 14 to new-gen NHL 15 is incredible and certainly will be very impressive to any fan making the jump.

Although the game includes all of the minor league and professional teams from around the globe, Be A GM mode strictly limits you to the NHL (say goodbye to your AHL affiliation). Drafts have been automated, preseason games have been nixed, and the All-Star game is nothing more than a date on the calendar. You’ll be able to scout players throughout the season, but without being in control of the draft, what is the point? Before the first NHL puck drop, you can see a “live” shot of Boston Harbor if you’re playing as the Bruins, or the St. Louis Arc if you’re playing as the Blues. You’ll then see real versions of Emrick and Olczyk in the press box, with the game you’re about to play occurring on a green screen background. Who knows how long it will be before you’re mashing the “A” button to be skipping it, but for now, it’s a really cool touch. (About a week later, I’m still watching the cut scenes).
The biggest missing piece of a once adored online NHL experience, EASHL. The MMO-like mode allowed players to take their created skater onto the ice partnering with a mix of random folks from all over the world. 6v6 or sometimes fewer (NPC placeholders used for not filled squads). It is a hell of a lot of fun, and something that I’ve personally poured countless hours into. During your play, you gain XP to which you can upgrade your player with. All of these things added up to a unique player experience of NHL 15 which is greatly missed in this game. To give EA Sports credit, they have been very vocal about their desire to eventually develop the modes players are clamoring for. So much so, they’ve outlined a “Post-Launch Content Plan“.
Still these flaws in NHL 15 soon vanished from my conscience the moment the game was in motion, needless to say this game is BEAUTIFUL! Players all come together in brutal clashes as people tug on jerseys and smash helmets off heads. Superficial as it may seem but the physics of the fabrics consistently blew my mind. With a game this visually impressive it’s impossible to avoid the clichés when describing it, could this generation finally be the one where we get hyper-realistic sports games? NHL 15 comes very close to this. I could easily rattle on about the visual awe but I’ll sum it all into one sentence that speaks volumes: I forgot about the graphics almost instantly and focused on the hockey, as if it were on ESPN.
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