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The fact that NHL 15 feels rushed and incomplete comes as a slapshot to the face

There’s a lot about NHL 15 to be happy about, especially when it comes to actual game time. However, NHL 15 is not a finished product and as such this review score reflects that. If you are happy playing an unfinished product, and the only online game mode you want to play is versus, then go head and pick up NHL 15. But why do EA feel it’s acceptable to release a game that is missing key features? How about they just delay the release until the game is actually complete? I’m certainly delaying passing further judgment until I can play NHL 15 in its entirety.
While EA’s ice hockey franchise skipped the new generation last year, NHL 15 lands on XBox One and PS4 in a big way. With improved physics, better looking arenas that are modeled on actual NHL rinks, more lively and reactive crowds, and a string of other improvements, NHL 15 is the most authentic ice hockey video game experience.
But all these shiny new-gen bells and whistles come at a price, one that’s paid with cut content. Live the Life mode, GM Connected, the ability to play online against your friends with your own Ultimate Team, and many other smaller features have all been omitted from the XBox One and PlayStation version - though available on old-gen systems for some reason. The only explanation for this I can think of is EA Canada spent too much time perfecting the game’s “dynamic cloth” technology, and simply ran out of time because of deadlines. The following are some of NHL 15’s shortcomings, we just list two of them for our gamers to refer to.

Lack of Modes: While the GM, Hockey Ultimate Team and Be a Pro modes add depth to the game, the lack some of the other modes, which were included in the older console versions, as well as an absence of online multiplayer out of the box, hurts the overall package. The fact that the NHL 15 PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have more content is just a sad shame.
Clunky Edit Lines Interface and Main Menu: Something as easy and routine as editing your line combinations is an undeniable pain in “NHL 15”. Simply put, substituting players before and during a game should not be as difficult as it is. Why EA changed a perfectly solid line editor from the previous generation doesn’t make sense. The same thing goes for finding options through the Main Menu, cluttered and featuring way too many screens, this area of the game definitely needs work.
Still, a few ugly quirks attempt to ruin what is otherwise an excellent experience on the rink. A few times now an AI winger has inexplicably chipped the NHL 15 puck into the crowd during what felt like a dangerous attack against me. Each time he was under no pressure, had definite passing options and could potentially have had a shot himself. Instead, he decides to purposely scoop it straight into the cheap seats.
Other times the opposing goalie seems to be playing on my team... doing little-to-nothing to prevent goals by positioning himself in a way that gives me plenty of angle to aim at. Little problems like this have, historically, made their way into the vast majority of sports games over the years, but their frequency seems to have raised from NHL 14 to 15. If you pump up the difficultly the AI becomes so mercilessly efficient at picking you apart that you find yourself praying for one of these little oddities to show up and give you a fighting chance of making a competition of it. When the problem befalls you, however, its much less welcomed.
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