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Superb controlling in NHL 15 makes you the King throughout the game field

NHL 15 is finally here. The hugely popular hockey simulator is available on PS4, XBOX 360, PS3 and XBOX One. NHL 15 is noticeably lighter than old-gen iterations on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (and, in fact, the old-gen version of NHL 15, which is similar to last year's), and from here the overall package begins to decline. For starters it is sometimes hard to control it well while defense. We are here to give you some advice on it. Hope it would be helpful to you.
In case you had not heard, reviews for the recent release of NHL 15, the latest edition in EA Sports' well-gained hockey franchise, haven't develop well. The NHL 15 PS4 version of the game currently has a 60 on Metacritic, and it's being slammed by fans around the world for a mind-numbing lack of features at launch.
Biggest thing is to turn off auto-backskate, and just do it yourself with RT/2 when its needed. This causes a lot less unwanted turning by your player. Don't always go for the hit. If you want to hit, drive them towards the boards and then crush them there. Use the poke effectively. Don't spam it, just press it when the NHL puck is near your player. This is how I play D, and I've done OK so far. I played 5 games of online HUT and 1 on VS. I won all but 1 HUT game. The worst thing to do is give up a breakaway. I, and I'm guessing, a lot of other people can score 95% of the time on breaks. Now that backhanders actually go top shelf, offense is extremely deadly. Another thing, don't chase the puck. Chasing the puck causes your defenders to be out of position, and a quick one-two pass can put a one timer from an open player right into the back of the net.

There is hardly anything which can compete with jockeying when it comes to defending side, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect the containing. I would highly recommend perpetually pressing the contain button, which will consequently lead to often ball possessions.
It is near impossible to defend one on one in this game. Poke checking/stick lifting was my go to way of defending through out the series and it is virtually useless now. he poke check is pretty useless in this game too. The stick goes through the puck nearly every single time you try and poke check someone, and if by some miracle you actually do poke check the puck away from the player, he'll end up picking it right back up. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. I'm all for making the game realistic but last time I checked it's not too realistic when your stick goes through the puck on a consistent basis.
Right off the bat the biggest difference between NHL 14 vs NHL 15 is that the Xbox One and PS4 get a bigger and better experience. After skipping over the consoles last fall, NHL 15 delivers a lot of new features on PS4 and Xbox One. The Xbox 360 and PS3 NHL 15 release still includes updated NHL Collision physics, but NHL 15 is all about the new consoles.
Tight point is the complete opposite of collapsing. Your guys are completely widespread and putting consistent pressure on your opponent. The goal with this strategy is to give your opponent no room to breathe. If you are playing someone with a high skill level and they are very good at working the puck around, you are in trouble because they will be able to work it to the slot and be able to get solid scoring chances.
Watch any game where a team gives up a couple of goals close to their net, and listen to the analysis that follows it, and you might hear about how they really need to get some toughness in there and a guy that can clear the crease, block some shots, and make sure the goalie has clear lanes to see the puck.
For beginners, it is a good way to learn every skills and practice it over and over again. If not, you might be nervous when it’s time for shooting. In that case, you lose your chance. Practice makes perfect. 
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