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South Park The Fractured But Whole is set in a world where the battle system is imaginary

While nowhere near perfect, The Stick Of Truth became one of the best video game tie-ins by playing to the strengths of its source material. The turn-based combat felt borrowed and basic, but was largely forgiven due to the excellent execution in bringing South Park to life, and having a story filled with outrageous sequences which revisited some of the show’s best moments.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole, like 2014’s The Stick of Truth before it, is set in a world where the battle system is imaginary. It’s a turn-based RPG with some tactical elements. You walk around town, talk to your favorite characters from the shows, and get into lots of fights. This time around, the kids have cynically ditched their swords and spells in favor of a more lucrative genre: superheroes. You, playing as a customizable hero with your very own class and origin story, team up with Cartman (The Coon), Kyle (Human Kite), Craig (Super Craig), and a bunch of other kids who go to school by day and fight crime by night.

Trading out the dungeons and dragons theme of TSOT for a superhero theme, that new superpowered conceit isn’t just there to mock the MCU and DCEU with a rictus grin; it facilitates an improved take on the series’ RPG-lite systems. Your chosen avatar - the returning New Kid - can select from multiple ‘personas’ (read: classes) at once, each with unique powers and abilities, and you can mix and match them anytime from Cartman’s ‘secret’ basement hideout. And those powers now play a more nuanced role with the new and improved battle system.

It has its moments, though. At its best, The Fractured But Whole wields familiar game design elements as a tool for satire, and that satire's at its sharpest when presenting to you a skin colour-based difficulty slider, and consequently giving less money to black player characters and altering attitudes from certain characters towards you. But at its lowest points, you're listening to kids tell you "Well, nothing left to do but go home and play Star Trek: Bridge Crew" without a shred of irony. Oh, and here's another kid five minutes later, telling you: "When I go home, I'm gonna play Star Trek VR, and it's gonna be awesome." It's a bit like watching someone give an insightful TED talk, and then having them come up to you and try to flog you a fidget spinner.

Like the show that inspired it, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is full of contradictions. It is at times poignant and hilarious, and at times tries a bit too hard to be provocative. Critics have slammed the show over the years for using satire not to illuminate issues but to declare that everything sucks. The Fractured But Whole occasionally makes those same stumbles. Yet its charms, as when it riffs on the idea of overly imaginative kids run amok, are impossible to deny.

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