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SimCity BuildIt Gets London Town Update

SimCity BuildIt, the latest entry of the popular Sim City series released a while back on the App Store, has received a couple of updates in the past few months adding new features and content to the game. Another update has been made available for the game recently, adding even more content.

The new SimCity BuildIt will make those who love the city of London happy, as it will be possible to create customized British neighrboods with new residential buildings and more. The update also allows players to add some of the more recognizable landmarks of the city such as the Globe Theater and the Big Ben.

The London Town update is similar to the Paris Town update, and allows players to complete new London deliveries at their airport by loading cargo planes with the required objects.As players complete these deliveries, they’ll receive special British-themed building materials, which can only be earned from these deliveries. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap SimCity BuildIt Accounts, you can visit our website z2u.com.

These British-themed building materials are used to construct London Town residential zones. Each of these zones houses 15 percent more Sims than basic residential zones, with each zone supporting a maximum population of 2,111 Sims. These zones also require twice as many services as normal residential zones.

In addition to these new homes, players can construct three new London-themed buildings in their city. One, the London Bus Terminal, costs five Keys to build, and adds double-decker buses to players’ streets.

The other items are the Globe Theatre entertainment building and the Big Ben landmark, which are both available to purchase with Keys. All three buildings are unlocked for purchase as players construct the required number of London residential zones in their town.
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