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Shooting Tips - You miss the shots you do not take in NHL 15 gameplay

Needless to say the most important aspect of NHL 15 is shooting. No shooting, no score. You can end the NHL 15 game with 85% passing completion or a 10 minute time-on-attack advantage, but the only numbers that matter are goals for and goals against. So let’s talking about some shots.
But you can’t just fire them at the net without any consideration. You need to take good shots from good positions, and that is why skating and passing come into play. So first let’s go through all types of shooting. There are four basic types of shots in ice hockey. They are Shovel shot, slap shot, wrist shot, Snap shot.
The shovel shot is the easiest and most basic shot in a shooter’s arsenal. Its execution is simply a shoveling motion to push the NHL 15 puck in a certain direction, or flick of the puck (be it on the forehand, backhand, or in a spearing motion). Players typically resort to shoveling the puck to push loose pucks past a sprawling, or out-of-position goalkeeper.

Slap Shots. Slap shots are the most useful of all shots as it allows you to control the ball as desired. While drives are undeniably powerful shots, it cannot outrank the versatility of slap shots. Only a half backswing is used, with hands about 8 inches apart and it can be used for passing or shooting.
There are two types of wrists shots in hockey, and I am astonished at how many people are unaware of this. Many players talking these two types of wrist shots like they are the same one, actually it is not. 
For the first type of wrist shot the player rotates the shoulders and trunk and draws the puck back, and across the body. Rotating at the trunk allows the player to bring the puck further back which will result in a more powerful shot. For the second type of wrist shot, the player keeps their chest facing the net and draws the puck behind them, and on their shooting side. then leans into the shot, while quickly snapping the puck towards the net. For this shot the weight is transferred onto the same leg as the way the player shoots (right handed player transfers weight onto right leg) This type of wrist shot derives less power from the core and leg muscles, which results in a weaker shot. 
The snap shot enhance your quick release, it may well be the most common type of shot in hockey since it’s the quickest to release and can contain a lot of power, speed, and accuracy. This type of shot is a combination of a slap and wrist shot. You just have to cock your stick off of the ice slightly and snap your wrists in a forward motion when making contact with the puck. There’s minimal follow through, allowing you to take the shot from tight spaces, and some of the highly skilled players can toe-drag the puck into their body before releasing a snap shot. This makes a goalies job much harder as the toe-drag creates a different angle for the goalie to set up to. Make sure to practice this skill when working on your snap shot.
Above are the four most used shooting types. There are certainly other ways to shooting a goal. You have to practice it as much as possible. Only this can you know when to shoot and how to shoot. Most of the missed goals are caused by a lack of experience. Hope these tips can help you in shooting.
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