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RuneScape’s The Land Out of Time update is now live

RuneScape’s big new update, The Land Out of Time, is now live, bringing a big new island to the game that delve’s into the planet of Gielinor’s distant past to bring dinosaurs into the modern day.

The island of Anachronia is a long lost landmass that’s previously been visited in Old School RuneScape, but where that game only uncovered the bones of the dead dinos, The Land Out of Time and the story that got us here introduces  living renditions of the the Triceratops, Pterodactyle and even the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex, just with a bit of a twist and a rather unusual look compared to what we might be expecting.

When you arrive at the island you will need to build a basecamp from which to start your expeditions onto the island. A conveniently nearby ruined temple is the perfect place. After settling in you're given command of a team of workers who you can direct to collect resources and build facilities. You've ten workers at first and each can be assigned to collect different sorts of resources. They can only collect so many resources an hour so building all the buildings available to you and getting them fully upgraded will take you a good while. The buildings bring with them new quest givers, and that gives you more to do on Anachronia, so it's worth the investment.

Getting around the island is helped by a giant athletics course that loops round the landmass. This course acts as a fast-travel system, letting you speed round the jungle, climbing over ruined columns, and sprinting along the trunks of fallen trees. At various points along the circular course you'll find courses that take you into the centre of the island, like spokes on a wheel. These routes will take you to points of interest you'll want to explore further.

The Land Out Of Time is a massive addition to Runescape and it's full of new high level activities for players who have run out of things to do in Gielinor. If you've not played in a while or never reached the higher levels, you can visit and explore Anachronia, even start building your base camp there, but you should really go explore more of the old world first as most your encounters there will be high level. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Runescape 3 Gold from z2u.com at a reasonable price.
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