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Phasmophobia,this PC video game is not for the faint of heart

Ghost hunting simulation Phasmophobia has certainly scared up a rising player base. Despite the somewhat janky quality of its early access version, folks seem to be pretty possessed by the supernatural spooks. It's been climbing in concurrent Steam players and Twitch viewers this month, leaving even known weenies like me curious enough to consider playing with friends.

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer online game where players visit “haunted” locations to discover evidence of ghostly activity. Players enter houses, barns, and even high schools and asylums to locate the ghost within the building. Once inside, you can use various equipment such as cameras, UV lights, EMFs, salt, thermometers and more to locate a ghost’s “room,” which is one room in the building a ghost inhabits the most. These items can all be picked up and used from the starter van which houses objectives and other important tools. Your van includes live footage from cameras you have set around the house, ghost activity and the sanity level of each player, which decreases the more ghostly events that you witness. We will come back to sanity levels later.

Despite lacking a storyline or a narrative, Phasmophobia fully compensates with its sound design and how immersive the gameplay manages to set you in. As soon as you step into the house after equipping yourself, the game nails this feeling of tension and anxiety. A sense of fear crawls up your spine from the ambient change in sound, as the complete muffled silence screams dread at you.

The main point of the game is to determine which of the 10 types of spirits the ghost you are hunting is. While initially interesting, it becomes clear pretty quickly that you just need to find the one room that is cold or has a high EMF reading and spam all of your devices in that room until you find the three pieces of evidence that you need and then leave. The experience becomes formulaic.

Spooky misadventures are often best with pals, meaning friends like mine are all currently busy talking their resident cowards like me into playing together. The data seems to show they're meeting success. According to Steam data tracking sites Steam Charts and SteamDB, Phasmophobia has been climbing higher concurrent player peaks each day so far this month. It topped out at around 26,000 players on October 1st, climbing to over 64,000 yesterday. I suspect it may go on and top that tonight.

There are multiple strategies to dealing with different ghosts but ultimately each game is unique due to the various ways ghosts can interact with players and the environment. Even professional players have explained how they still get spooked in harder levels by the ghosts that appear, especially when they appear in front of you. The interactive aspects of Phasmophobia really allow it to stand out as one of the top horror games trending on the market. The various events and random sounds and creaks never cease to surprise even the most careful players.

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