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NHL 18 Survey Reveals Information on Gameplay, Mode & Features

EA conducted a survey of the fans which revealed quite a bit about NHL 18 gameplay and stuff. This survey was enough to prove that this year EA Canada is going to bring an all new ultimate version of NHL 18 which majorly includes a push toward a more arcade style of multiplayer.

Among all the other stuff, the greatest news for the fans is the addition of a new mode into the Game which has been named as, “NHL Threes,”. This mode will take a 3-on-3 overtime shape and expand it into a full game.
Other things that this mode will include are:
    over-the-top arena designs
   ● multiple game modes
    3-on-3 overtime
All these features say that it will rise above a simple one-off and include more players at a time.
But that does not mean it has nothing in store for individual players. For single players it has included a “Circuit Mode” in which you “battle through leagues and complete challenges to make it to the big show.”
The institution of NHL Threes into the game is changing its status all through.  It has taken a break from that story telling concept of NBA 2K which is being followed since a long time.
All that sounds amazing and say, NHL three is more based on the arcade mode.
But what insight does it give to you about the gameplay?
Doesn’t it seem to go towards the Rocket League?
Yes, that same Rocket League, which has remained remarkably popular since its launch in 2015. Notably, Rocket League has a hockey mode as well.
Now, other points that the survey shared are:
It has made provision for a “new audio commentary,” which will promise inclusion of super amazing commentators into the game. This would ensure the departure of Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick from the series. That would be a really great step because Doc though amazing in real life is not that great a commentator.
But apart from that, what the survey hints into is that the game is going to focus deeper into commentary section.
Another important step that NHL 18 would be taking is the re-introduction of the deke system. This will give the game ability to bring back the players together in combination.
Next, an important feature which it would be reviving is a, Defensive Skill Stick, which will you control over:
   ● Over poke checks
   ● Keeping sticks extended
   ● Swapping back and forth for zone coverage.
This will give the game an all new shape and design. These are really fun features which will make the game  interesting for individual players.
Now, one remarkable feature that EA will be introducing this time will be self-feature custom expansion. This is a feature that the fans have been waiting since long. This is another step in the direction of the revamping of previous year’s relocation feature, which featured some really amazing outlandish customization. Now you won’t need to depend on an existing team to build up an expansion.
This generation especially, has not focused much on NHL previous series. Some of them because have faced a disastrous launch. Especially, talking about the Hockey Ultimate Team, which has done exceptionally well in previous games and still looks for betterment.
Now, this is all what EA has revealed by now, but don’t fall for thinking that this is all enough. It would be having much more in store for us that we will be acquainted with later.
Those include from playoffs to Blackhawks fan, and much more that you would relish highly in the game.
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