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NHL 18 : Feedback From The Public Before Official Release

Similarly, the EA Sports also makes an investigation among the crowd prior to the official launch as NHL 17. Based on those feedback from crowd, EA Sport will can do some adjustments and corrections in time in order to cater to public. Here are what the public want to see in NHL 18.   


Revamped Passing Control:
Let the players have the ability to pass through an open space, now how would that be possible. For example the players can be given the choice of passing themselves through the off boards that too with the option of choosing between who you want to pass by pressing the very button associated to that player.
Playing Tutorials Videos:
We can also make provisions for How to Play Hockey videos. From these videos the players can learn a lot about hockey tactics, hockey strategies and hockey rules. These videos can be sourced from Hockey Canada. We can have 15 or more short videos from hockey Canada on all the basics of Hockey, that really would be very beneficial for audience especially the new players starting with the game. These videos can have an easy access from within the game.
Franchise Mode:
The new NHL schedule should come up with a revamped Pro and Franchise Mode that includes new rivalries, and new NHL teams that you can interact with. That would require the game to come up with updated rosters, salary cap rules or other authentic variables from real world for the 2016-2017 season. Also the League expansion should be worked on up to 31 teams including teams from all over. Select these teams from all North American or European cities, create and play your own expansion franchise using a full creation suite of tools including a customized arena.
Dynamic Deking And Commentary:
More creativity should be added into the game, for that we can add more moves that can be used for defense against your competitor or trying to score a goal as per. The new season should also come up with fresh content, with better and authentic commentary to make the celebration more real. Also, the season should come up with commentators telling up to date stories of what’s transpiring in the real NHL all year long.
3 On 3 NHL Arcade Experience:
Inspired from the classic retro arcade mode we can have the players having a 3 on 3 on a frozen pond of ice at high speed, deliver over the top hits, and pick up different power-ups. These gamers can have mix play of NHL players, mascots, and other characters from the EA universe with no off sides, icing, rules, or penalties.
Saga Mode:
Be it a Pro mode or Franchise mode, the players can be given the ability to take part in a Hockey based on their performances and preferences. Here for instance, the players can choose to relive the most meaningful moments of their season, every game or somewhere in-between, all with a full narrative leading into that game.

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