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NHL 15 still suffers from some awkward animations and occasional glitchiness, but most NHL 15 gamers impressed by the relatively lifelike player faces and the flow of their sweaters

EA Sports has certainly created a pretty game, to the point where multiple people in our office told me that from afar, they thought I was watching a real hockey game for a moment. Naturally, NHL 15 still suffers from some awkward animations and occasional glitchiness, but I was impressed by the relatively lifelike player faces and the flow of their sweaters. There are lots of little touches, from a center approaching the circle while looking behind him and chattering with his defensemen, to goal celebrations like jumping into the glass in the corner as teammates crowd around. Slow-mo replays of awesome goals are heightened by the realistic craziness of the crowd behind the glass. The crowd’s a bit more awkward at full speed, though. The camera often cuts the same fans executing identical animations, and I've never seen so many-talking away-team fans in real life as I saw in NHL 15. I'm pretty sure a Senators fan wouldn't make it out of Toronto alive if he was taunting the home crowd like that.
In the NHL, of the 1,029 games played through Saturday, 255 were extended to overtime. Of those 255 games, 110 were decided in overtime, a 43.1 percent rate. Last season, 42 percent of the 307 games that went to overtime were decided before the shootout. Also through Saturday, the AHL had 18.6 percent of its games decided in overtime, up from 8.5 percent last season. It had 5.6 percent of its games decided in a shootout, down from 15.6 percent last season.
Changes are difficult to make at NHL because it needs support from several sides, The general managers, the Competition Committee, the NHL's Board of Governors and the NHL PA Executive Committee all must approve a proposed rule change before it can be enacted. An official worker says they need to gather in a room and have a long conversation.

The crowd brings a new dimension to the rink atmosphere, too. There's much greater variety than ever before in their character models, and the people really pay attention to what's going on in the game. Your home fans roar when you stifle an oncoming rush; voice their disappointment when you torpedo your own attack by going offside; and there will be booes whenever you get called for a penalty. I also loved seeing hockey-specific crowd behaviors: A rowdy fan sitting by the visiting team's penalty box taunted a player who'd been thrown inside it.
Although many problems have been revealed, I still love playing NHL 15. All players you bought with your NHL 15 coins place them in a right position, so you can build an attack area and cycle the NHL 15 pucks until someone in your team score a good shoot. So far I haven’t found any fake goal or money goal. I felt more satisfied when I do have a shoot. And NHL 15's revised analog stick controls for skating and stickhandling offer many more ways for you to fake out defenders. Timing a deke just right so you can slip past a guy and then blast a slapshot home from the slot - that's when this game is at its best.
There are moments when NHL 15 is simply brilliant. The electricity of a raucous crowd reaction to an overtime, game-winning goal screams “next gen!” The agony--and instant stick slam to the ice--of a defenseman that accidentally tips the puck into their own net is palpable. The back-and-forth speed and intensity of a tight online match against a friend is unmatched by any other sports game. Yet these moments are fleeting. Despite a core experience that’s undeniably strong, NHL 15 is--in many ways--a major step back in modern sports gaming.
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