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Advice on How to Develop the Most Successful Team and Line Chemistry

One key to success in Hockey Ultimate Team is building both team and line chemistry. This can be achieved by pairing players who are from the same team or league. Putting players at their natural position also increases chemistry.
After opening the starter pack, you're going to have a mediocre goaltender and only one decent line on offense and defense, so you'll want to begin your HUT career by playing a few “Solo” games against the computer to build up your puck balance. Beating terrible National teams like Great Britain, France, Italy, et al. on “Superstar” difficulty will guarantee around 1,000 to 1,200 pucks per win. Users who are skilled enough to consistently beat the computer on “Superstar” should consider building an all-bronze lineup of castaways to continue earning pucks from exhibition games without wasting any contracts on important NHL players.
Work with proper head coach. To build an Ultimate Team, the first and most important thing is to buy a head coach. The correct coach can enhance the rating of the whole team. Actually there are two great coaches in? NHL 15; they are D. Samuels and I. Skuin. Samuels will be very helpful in the developmental stages, because he is the +2ALL skater coach - the rarest in HUT. And when you’ve become strong enough, you can swap to use Skuin. Although Skuin is 0 Hands and -2 Checking, his +3 Skating, +3 Shooting, and +2 Defense are rather attractive for you to choose him.

Something I strongly recommend doing in NHL 15 is getting perfect chemistry. EA has made this easier this year, in the past years you had to get the perfect combination of forwards together on a line (ex. : sniper + sniper + playmaker) with all the same team to get 99 chemistry. This year all you need to do is apply a change team card to all forwards to have a perfect 100 chemistry line. Now for defense its a little different, to get 100 chemistry for defense you need to apply the same change team card to all (including the goalie) and make sure your lines consist of one of these two combinations: Two Way Defense-men + Two Way Defense-men and Offensive Defense-men + Defensive Defense-men.
You will notice a big difference when you have 100 chemistry: Players will be in the right positions, passes will get to their targets, players will receive passes with ease, ect.
An easy way to see if players have good chemistry is by the colored bars that connect each player on your team. A red bar indicate poor chemistry, yellow indicates moderately effective chemistry, while green indicates great chemistry... Achieving perfect chemistry has a huge impact on any Hockey Ultimate Team. Passes will connect easier, players set up for one-timers more effectively, and each player will receive a boost. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect chemistry as it gives a huge edge over any opponent. 
To sum up- if a line that has been together for a while needs to be split up, don't immediately panic. Give the replacement player a chance, and see if the new line's effectiveness improves after a couple of weeks. If the players do not perform adequately after a good chunk of time, then panic. Although NHL 15 is not all about team management and chemistry, it still necessary for gamers to pay enough attention on this two issues. It is not the key to help you win in NHL 15 Ultimate Team, but it is definitely a stone you can step on to win your title. Hope all of us can enjoy the game.
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