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Layering is a technology introduced for the launch of World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard has taken to the official World of Warcraft forums to comment on the reported WoW Classic Layering abuse. Since Classic’s launch last week, there have been various reports of players being able to swap the newly introduced layers at will, which could affect Classic’s economy and other aspects of the game. Players have suggested that a few people were able to exploit the layer system in order to farm thousands of materials, but according to Blizzard, this isn’t the case and even the most-popular Classic realms don’t have enough layers to pull this off.

The exploit involves Blizzard’s decision to split World of Warcraft Classic into layers, which is basically multiple copies of the game’s world. The developers used layers in the retro World of Warcraft mode in anticipation of an influx of players, to prevent the game from crashing due to the massive load. The problem lies with the practice of layer switching, which is when players keep moving from one layer to another. This is done by joining a party, as it automatically transfers the player to the layer the group in.

Though most players recognize the necessity for layering in the early days of WoW Classic, some exploits of the system have arisen that some players believe are having an adverse effect on the in-game economy. To ensure that players aren’t separated from their friends because they’ve been assigned to different layers, joining a party automatically shifts all players to the same layer. However, this means that deliberate “layer-hopping” can be used to gain access to additional resources without having to wait for respawns, allowing for more efficient farming for both experience and rare materials. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy cheap wow classic gold from the reputable sellers rvgm.com in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

World of Warcraft developer Pazorax posted on the game’s official forum to say: “We’ve been monitoring players’ use of layers, and we agree that we should add a delay between subsequent layer transfers. Under the hood we have all the controls I talked about in the Reddit AMA before launch, a few secret weapons we haven’t discussed publicly, and we’re working on deploying some additional controls to further restrain layering from being exploitable.

The fix comes in response to reports that some players were hopping between layers in an attempt to farm items more efficiently, potentially damaging a server’s economy. Blizzard recognised a potential issue, but a separate forum post said that the exploits were a “much smaller” issue than some players had claimed.
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