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How to keep your child safe when using this Roblox

Gamers are a loyal bunch. Some are devoted to Fortnite. Some love Minecraft. And around the world, some several million are majorly into Roblox. Offering both intense multiplayer gaming and a sophisticated game-building tool, Roblox delivers variety, creativity, competition, and socializing -- much of it for free. You can even make money on Roblox.

If you have children in your life, there is a very good chance they play games on Roblox — a popular gaming platform that allows people to play games that others create or create games for others to play. Think of it as YouTube for video games  —  most people are there to play, but some use the Roblox platform to create and promote their own

So what is Roblox?
It’s basically a very popular online multiplayer game that works on both PC’s and iPads (computer seems to be more popular), and looks like a mix of Minecraft / Lego. It’s a lot of fun for the kids and hence why it’s becoming popular! The platform has grown its global user base since going live in 2006, and is said to now have more than 30 million active users.

Hundreds of games available – but are they appropriate & safe for your kid?so we have put together some tips for parents on how to keep your child safe when using this platform:

Community Rules
Before your child signs up to Roblox, make sure you both go through the Community Guidelines of what is expected from you and others once you sign up to this platform.

Stay Nearby
Depending on the age of your child, especially with the younger ones, we would suggest you staying nearby when your child is online.

Turning off Social Features
If your child doesn’t have any friends that play on Roblox or your personal preference is for them not to speak to anyone on this platform, there is the option to turn off the social features.

To do this simply log into the account and go to the account settings, then select privacy. Then you can review the options under contact settings and other settings. Select no one or friends or enable account restrictions.

Predatory Behaviour
Make sure you and your child are aware what to watch out for when it comes to grooming such as them asking overly personal questions, being very generous with gifts such as Robux, strangers asking to meet up with your child. Discuss this with them and ask them if they are feeling uncomfortable to come and speak to you.

Bullying can’t always be stopped even with Roblox’s tools to block bullying text language. Please speak to your child and reassure them to come to you with every problem as well as doing things like blocking and reporting users as well as changing the privacy settings to friends only.

Blocking and Reporting
Make sure you and your child are aware of the Report Abuse button on the platform, this allows you to block and report any inappropriate users that are breaking the community guidelines. Make sure you have a discussion with your child on the types of behaviour they should be reporting. For example, bullying, inappropriate behaviour, scams and other game violations.

Play Roblox with your child
Whilst you are stuck at home with your children, why not sign up to Roblox and play a few games with your child. Not only does it allow you to bond with your child but it also gives you an insight in the types of games they like to play.

Privacy Settings and parental control
Roblox offers privacy settings that can limit who can contact, message or chat with your child. You can also restrict a child’s ability to be invited into a “private server” among other restrictions. Children can configure their own privacy settings, but you can take control over those settings by turning on what Roblox calls Account Restrictions.

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