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Hockey Players of NHL 17 Yearn For a Change In the Hitting Physics of NHL 18

NHL 17 released last year has reached publishers’ aim to be the most exciting hockey game online. It has been improved a lot compared with the previous NHL series especially in the defensive part. However, recently some players make a complaint about the hitting physics of NHL 17. What’s more, they hope a change can be made in NHL 18 in order to avoid being anger with it.

NHL 18

Some Hockey Players’ Complaints
We found one of them made a comment on the hitting physics of NHL. They claimed that nothing makes him more pissed off than being slightly touched and then he will totally lose control of the puck. What’s more, he even cannot skate after that. Just a slight touch!!! Really annoying for players if this is a crucial moment for him. And the hitters also made complaints of the hitting physics too. They indicate that although they have made a well-timed hit, it just causes the opponent to stumble while they will be completely out of the play after. So what’s the meaning og the hit?

Possible Changes of Hitting Physics They Hope For NHL 18
NHL 18 is going to meet us at E3. We will also be exposed to some other excellent sports video games of EA Sports at EA Play this June. Due to all the complaints above, NHL 18 is expected to make some improvements in its hitting physics. At least, the sliding distance will be within a reasonable range. So you won’t fully lose control when you are just slightly touched. Publishers of NHL 18 will collect some materials for the gameplay. So the sliding distance will be set according to the some statistics of the real hockey game. Let’s look forward to the possible changes.

NHL18-hitting physics
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