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Four Kings Casino and Slots has a more loose storyline than other video games

Product of Digital Leisure, The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a social MMO, which allows players to indulge in a virtual casino experience. Before proceeding to play, gamers create a personalised 3D avatar – that is how they will look in the virtual world. Players can take part in various casino games as soon as they join the virtual world. What is more, as they play, gamers are awarded numerous items to help them further personalise their virtual character.

Don’t go in expecting it to be as the exciting Casumo Casino, which offers thousands of games. On real online casinos like Casumo, the options are almost endless, and creating a game based on that many games is nearly impossible. But, this game offers a different (but equally impressive) experience. You can actually walk around this online casino and browse what’s available — a true virtual casino experience.

Featuring quite a stylized approach to graphics, The Four Kings Casino presents players with a well-detailed world built around rich character models, clothing, and environments. Adding to the charm is a wide range of light-hearted social interaction options which are made even more charming through the use of amusing animations, that really take the game to a new level in terms of immersion.

You can dance in the nightclub, but that is about it. The Four Kings has a slight Sims aesthetic to it, but you are limited by your interactions with other players. There are several chat channels you can flick between, and a useful social hub should you make any friends in-game or play with your Xbox friends list, but don’t expect your characters to start chatting away in Simlish to each other.

The game pays players $250 in chips every 15 minutes. That’s not a long period of time to wait, but it can become annoying if you lose regularly. This is why it’s important to take your time with your bets and not get so excited that you throw in huge wagers. The game gives you tips on managing your bankroll as you play, though, so it does try to help you.

As it is an MMO, Four Kings Casino and Slots has a more loose storyline than other video games. The main feature of the game is that the player progression is easy and accessible to everyone – regular gameplay rewards players with numerous customisation options as an addition to the already available ones.

In short, yes. The Four Kings provides a unique take on both the free-to-play casino game model as well as the MMO genre and combines the two in a way that immerses players into the world of online gambling in a way few other games can replicate. With an extensive focus on the social nature of gambling, rather than pushing for microtransactions, The Four Kings Casino and Slots provides a unique place for gamblers to interact with one another, all the while having access to their favourite casino games.

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