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Ajax and Diomedes, the latest DLC for A Total War Saga TROY, is now available for macOS

TROY is the latest Total War Saga title; inspired by Homer’s Iliad, it focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War, evolving the series with new period-inspired features.Experience the events surrounding the era-defining Trojan War, brought to life as never before. Realize your legend as one of eight iconic heroes. Dive into a character-led narrative drama and overcome your antagonists. Build your empire through strategy, statecraft, diplomacy and all-out war, as you conquer this vast and striking recreation of the Bronze Age Mediterranean.

Feral Interactive had announced that Ajax & Diomedes, the latest DLC for A Total War Saga: TROY, is now available for macOS.

Ajax the Great is primarily know for his strength and size, while Diomedes (the King of Argos) helped establish Argos as the influential city. This faction pack will include free content for all players of A Total War Saga: TROY. This includes access to Hephaestus the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes, and the Divine Craftsman Epic Agent.

These new heroes bring 18 new units, four additional faction mechanics, unique skill trees, building chains and two new starting positions. The Ajax & Diomedes DLC also sees the arrival of new Paragon units. Led by distinguished veterans, the Paragons fight with a battle-hardened zeal that strikes fear in the hearts of their enemies.

DLC also introduces Paragon units, "extra-special" units that may come with powerful auras, abilities, or simply smack up enemies a whole lot harder. Diomedes, for instance, can train up any sort of Paragon he likes under the watchful tutelage of the Epigoni, while Ajax can round out his roster by recruiting units like the brutally powerful myrmidons.

Additionally, Hephaestus has been added to the Divine Will system as a free update. Players who appease the God of Blacksmiths and Volcanoes may call upon his Divine Craftsman epic agent to strengthen their soldiers' equipment.

Ajax & Diomedes had arrived on the Epic Games Store on January 28, and will come to Steam when the game's Epic exclusivity wraps up later this autumn. Sure, Troy's pantheon isn't as saucy as Hades, but I look forwards to seeing folks using the game's photo mode to snap some candid pics of these buff Greek bros.

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